What is the very first step to take to create a forum?

Go to Forumotion.com and click Create a forum, then chose a theme and fill in a short form. You will be guided all the way through the process.

What can I do to get more members register?

A smart thing to do is to advertise your forum on directories and giant search engines like google and yahoo. You may also send regular newsletters to your members asking them to send it over to their friends.

If I choose a theme at the beginning, may I change it afterwards?

Of course, once you register you may do whatever you want, change the themes and colors of your forum, your avatars, portal, modules, etc. Just make sure that the important information like your email address doesn't change. You need this to be updated by Forumotion.

If I have too many members, may I assign moderators to the forum?

Yes, you may do that. Just a tip, before doing that spend a little time on “hunting” the right person; see who really invests himself/herself in your forum, who posts many messages, who is interested in the quality of your forum and who listens to what the others say. This might be a good person to be a moderator.

May I eliminate the inactive or impolite members?

Certainly, you are not only allowed but encouraged and asked to do that in order to contribute to a good general atmosphere on Forumotion. Moreover, if you feel offended by somebody's remarks you can contact us and we'll take measures against the offender.

If I want to recover data I previously deleted from the forum, can I do that?

You may set your forum back to a date that you prefer as backups for your forum are saved every day for you.

Frequently Asked Question